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Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

Auto Body Repair Consumer Bill of Rights “An insurance company shall not require the repairs to be done at a specific auto body repair shop.”

You have the right to have any body shop you want do the work on your vehicle (Insurance Code 758.5). Insurance companies get a discount when you go to one of their partner shops, and in return they push customers to those shops to save money.

Sometimes the insurance companies can really pressure you from what we’ve seen. Just remember you get to pick where you want your vehicle repaired in Missouri.

The biggest factors into a repair timeline are: how much damage, insurance approval speed, and random issues (alignment, dealership work, ect). 

Our shop’s statistics reveal: 38% of repairs = 3 or less business days, 43% of repairs = 4-10 business days, 19% of repairs = 11-20 or more business days.

It’s okay to wash your vehicle as long as the car wash doesn’t have any type of coating that it’s also trying to apply. The painted panels need around 30 days to cure (which means to have the paint harden/dry) and applying waxes, ect. can hurt this process. The paint in these 30 days will also be more susceptible to tree sap stains, bird dropping stains, and rock chip damages.

Our work is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle against defects in materials and workmanship (Lifetime Guarantee).

Whether it’s an insurance claim or you’re paying out-of-pocket we can have the rental car company pick you up from our shop while you drop off the vehicle. Once your vehicle is completed, the return is even easier. You just drop off the rental vehicle at our shop and we’ll get the rental car checked-in for you on your behalf.

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